​Blending classic insulation technology with a ​modern​, ​sleek ​design, this ​coffee server ​keeps your ​drinks ​at the temperature they were intended to be enjoyed.​ Highly functional​ and will become your instant go-to for all your drinking needs. 

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✅ FDA APPROVED┃SAFE MATERIALS: Comprised of ​high-performance​ glass that won’t leach chemicals, paint, or toxins into your beverage, this material works as a ​highly-effective ​insulator that will keep hot drinks hot for up to 12 hours and cold drinks cool for 24 hours. Take your morning coffee with you to the ​office ​and enjoy warm coffee all day 

✅ KEEP DRINKS TASTING ​FRESH​:​ Preserve your ​beverages taste as fresh on the fourth cup as they do on the first. Using ​vacuum-sealed​ technology and a double wall construct, no air gets in or out which means flavors aren’t lost or influenced. This also means there won’t be any metallic taste that can sometimes results from cheap ​coffee decanters​. In addition, the stainless steel ​outer shell keeps condensation from forming on the surface.

✅ BEAUTIFUL​ CRAFTSMANSHIP┃DURABLE & LIGH​TWEIGHT : Wrapped in a ​colorful, floral ​coating with ​ergonomic​ curves, they lend themselves to a smooth, comfortable​ grip. The special designed spout makes pouring of beverages a spill free experience.Simple​ yet ​elegant,​ each ​drink dispenser​ was designed to provide additional piece of art to any kitchen, breakfast nook, dining room table, or office lounge


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From kettle to jug, we’re keeping things toasty.

The Vacuum Jug’s double wall insulation design will protect your drink temperature and prevent condensation. The inner glass layer ensures you stay healthy and your drink keeps its delicious taste. Featuring a smooth finish and large handle, the design is both beautiful and user-friendly– open or close it with a simple twist.

Simple. Beautiful. Efficient.

Like every product in the MECOLA line, the Whistling Kettle is:

  • Always green. Keep your drink piping hot with materials that don’t erode or melt on the job.
  • Always safe. Nix the metallic taste with a safe & healthy inner glass wall.
  • Always beautiful. Enjoy a modern, simplistic design made from mirror-
    finished stainless steel in a deep coffee colour.
Whether you’re treating yourself or someone you love, every jug is shipped in style in a gorgeous gift box. Good taste is something to celebrate!

1L / 33.08oz

Hold up to 1L of delicious coffee or tea.

Cool Touch Handle

Keep things safe with a heat-free grip.

Easy Pouring Lip

Pouring is a breeze with our easy-pour spout.

High Quality

Built to last with quality craftsmanship.

Keeps Hot for 12 Hours

Heat things up with drinks that stay warm up to 12 hours.

Keeps Cold for 24 Hours

Chill out with drinks that stay cool up to 24 hours.

Food Grade Stainless Steel

Our food grade materials won’t leave a metallic taste in your mouth.

Mirror Finish

Store drinks in style with the jug’s modern mirror-finish design.

Double Wall

Say goodbye to cold coffee with our double wall insulation.

BPA Free Non Toxins

Safe to sip. Our products are made from non-toxic materials.

Leak Proof

Leak proof design keeps your drink right where you want it.

Stay Cool Exterior

Easy on the hands and condensation-free.


Whether you’re treating yourself or someone you love, every jug is shipped in style in a gorgeous gift box. Good taste is something to celebrate!
The Details
Materials: Stainless steel, pp, and glass (Food Grade)
Product Dimension( including handle): 7.5( L) x 4.0(D) x 11.6(H) inches
Product Weight: 0.76 kg / 1.68 lbs


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